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Bodegas, re-mapped. Plus, Open NY.

A small bit of geekery for you, if you have the time. I’ve been messing around a little with the best way to map these guys… The map I posted the other day was built from a Google Fusion table, … Continue reading

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Get to know your bodegas.

To my mild surprise, I am a full-fledged fired-up believer in what some folks call derisively the “nanny state.”  With this admission, I understand I’m taking the risk of plunging this blog into what-ticks-me-off territory way too soon… that sort … Continue reading

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Hi. What are you doing here?

Thank you for visiting this first installment of my fresh-out-of-the-packaging new blog, Eastern Parkway. The site is named for the Brooklyn boulevard that runs outside my kitchen window—the world’s first parkway, designed in the 1860’s by Frederick Law Olmstead and … Continue reading

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