It’s papaya Wednesday!

Silence is no fun. It can be calm, peaceful, sometimes beautiful. But it is not fun. So I’m going to try and have some fun here, today and more frequently going forward.

These days, I measure the passage of time by my daughter. The last time I blogged Sarah was barely a suggestion of what she is becoming. She was three months into the world, newly aware and curious but mostly inert. Over the weeks, she started to roll over, she found her hands and knees, she started to sit up on her own. Today, at nine months, she scoots. Scooting is a March thing. She’s mastered a military crawl. Once in a while, she can concentrate her efforts for just long enough to pull herself off the ground onto her two feet, where she balances unsteadily (and dances, if we’re playing music).

When I put aside the blog, Sarah’s diet was all liquid. Today, she is sprouting teeth, and chewing food. Every few days, she tries something she’s never eaten before. Today, it was papaya. She tasted it, grinned, mushed it between her gums, let the juices run down her chin and onto her bib.

I may go out of my way to prepare and try new combinations of familiar ingredients, but I’m not sure I remember the last time I ate something wholly new to me. My daughter leads an exciting life, full of adventure. Her milestones come in waves, too many to chronicle without lapsing into self-mockery. (“Tuesday, March 13: Sarah picked a piece of lint off the carpet and studied it. Wednesday, March 14: Sarah studied the doorknob and tried to open her door.”)

Outside, there is much going on. The season is shifting into spring. The entire country is on the verge of a year of political nonsense; silly season in New York City extends a year afterwards. But silliness is everywhere: for instance, members of a cooperative supermarket in Brooklyn debated this week whether to have a vote to support Palestinian self-determination by enacting a boycott of Israeli paprika. But all the world’s problems don’t amount to a hill of chickpeas at the end of the day when I come home and see what’s new.

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